Grab 2GB Cliptomania Paper Clip cum pen drive for just Rs.99 [Free Shipping]


About the Product:

This Clip Can Handle More than Just Paper! Rs.99 for an Innovative 2GB Cliptomania Pen Drive – Limited Edition by Crazeal. FREE Delivery across India
The humble paper clip just got a makeover! Get an innovative 2GB Cliptomania pen drive with today’s Crazeal. Accessorize your laptop or desktop with this cute device which may even be used as an actual paper clip.

How to get this deal:

  1. Click here to visit
  2. Enter your Email ID and City Name [ If you are already registered then also enter your Email Id you will automatically be redirected ]
  3. Then Click here to go to product page. 
  4. Click on Buy button and get this Innovative PaperClip cum 2GB pen drive at Rs.99

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