Koovs Discount coupon collection + whopping 25% CASHBACK on all purchases

Koovs Discount Coupon Collection

Click here to go to Koovs.com

Rs. 3,500 Off on Rs. 20,000: KOOVSSPECIAL
Rs. 40 Off on Rs. 250: KOOVSMEGA1
Rs. 80 Off on Rs. 500: KOOVSMEGA2
Rs. 800 Off on Rs. 5000: KOOVSMEGA3
Rs. 1600 Off on Rs. 10000: KOOVSMEGA4

If you shop at Koovs, you will extra 25% CASHBACK on all purchases.

How does Cashback work?
Buy this product now and you would receive a credit  in your Koovs Account. This credit can be redeemed on any subsequent purchases at koovs.com.
The cashback would be valid on a minimum purchase.  


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