[IMP] Unable to access Getfreedeals & other websites on your ISP: Solution is here

Hi GFD users…

From last few days on BSNL broadband (may be others) are unable to access our website and others websites also.

So here we came up with a solution for your problem.

Basically we just have to define DNS in our Modem ( or ADSL router )

How to do that:

1. Just open any internet Browser. ( Firefox, Crome, IE )
2. Type this address without www or .com (
3. Above address is the address to access your router.
4. After this User ID, password of your router is required:
    If you know yours, its OK. Otherwise, Default UserID and Password can be:
    User ID: admin  : Password: admin
or UserID: admin   : Password: password
5. Now just go to DNS option and automatic DNS must be selected.
6. Uncheck the box and Now enter the 2 DNS given below:
7.Save it and just go to last option in the menu.
8. And then you will find Save and reboot option.
9. Select Save and reboot option.

Note: As in different router, there are different firmwares. So its not necessary that you will find DNS option in the menu so you will have to open ( ) and it should be there.

Now every website will open normally.

For any further Help leave a comment in this post and we will be happy to help.


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